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Sa, 28. Jul 2007, 17:27
seriously Art

Hey Ho,
Long time no see. To make it short: I come with new art :)
This is for my dear friend kashmir_page, who suggested Sirius sleeping alone in his bed in Grimmauld Place Nr.12. Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you like it :D

Title: Distraction
Rating: R for almost nakedness

Just one more thing: Can anyone tell me where I can find all of Sirius tatoos?

So, 29. Jul 2007 18:49 (UTC)

I have a question too - how do you know, that the real, 'bookish' Sirius had tattoes? It's in the film, I know, but.. the canon is still the book, isnť it? And there isn't a mention about it at all! Corrrect me, if I've been missleaded :) I've seen it for thousand times, the one tattoo on his chest and the others.. but only Oldman has it, nor the real one Sirius..

So, 29. Jul 2007 19:51 (UTC)

Yes, but having tatoos makes him indefinitely more shaggable. ;-)

Mi, 1. Aug 2007 17:06 (UTC)

I think that Sirius without anything, icnluding tattoos, would be the most shaggable :)) But ok, thanks for reply :) Here appeares the question again - where exactly they all are *devilish smile*
(Deleted comment)

Mi, 1. Aug 2007 17:08 (UTC)

Yeah, the idea isn't so bad, but I dislike the one on his chest.. the shape is weird and it's also too big.. e.g. the little fish on his throat is sexier than this one :)

Mo, 30. Jul 2007 15:00 (UTC)

Er...I just wanted to try something new, so I thought: 'hey, why not add the tattoos of Oldman?'
I know, that it isn't mentioned in the books, but I liked the idea of Cuaron :)

@ hippie_girl8: *lol* Yes that too. Cool Icon by the way.

Mi, 1. Aug 2007 17:54 (UTC)

Hehe, thanks.

So, 29. Jul 2007 21:02 (UTC)

Eeeep are those motocycle magazines!? Hehe. ^^ This is very good.

So, 29. Jul 2007 21:03 (UTC)


Mo, 30. Jul 2007 15:07 (UTC)

are those motocycle magazines!?

Indeed yes ^_^
I thought it would be a suitable thing, to give Sirius some bliss.
Thank you for your comment!

So, 29. Jul 2007 23:30 (UTC)


Mo, 30. Jul 2007 15:07 (UTC)

Thank you very much

Mo, 30. Jul 2007 02:09 (UTC)

Liszkalupeni (hope I spelled this right) I believe Rowling stated somewhere that the tattoos weren't her idea, but that she liked them. So, to me, this means whatever you feel comfortable with.

Kubi, I sent you an email about this. These aren't *all* of them, I'm sure, but they're the ones I could see clearly.

Thanks so much for the picture. You posted it at a time when I desperatly needed a cheering charm. And Tattoo Inspecting tends to cheer me up also...:p

Mo, 30. Jul 2007 15:22 (UTC)

Glad to be of service :D
Just ask, if you need more cheering charms.
I would be more than happy, to grant your wishes, hehe.

Mo, 30. Jul 2007 13:20 (UTC)

LOLZ What exausted him so much, hm? Lovely pic :)))

Mo, 30. Jul 2007 15:26 (UTC)

Oh well, this is a question of your own imagination ;)
Thanks for your comment!

Mo, 30. Jul 2007 15:59 (UTC)

Oh, that's gorgeous. I love his hands. :D

Mo, 30. Jul 2007 16:48 (UTC)

hehe, thank you :)

Mo, 30. Jul 2007 17:25 (UTC)

Mmm - I love that fragile-yet-savage look he has here :) And of course the magazines *g*

Question: I saw in your userinfo that you're German. You're not possibly living in Berlin? I'm trying to find people to see whether there's an interest in a meet-up or something...

Di, 31. Jul 2007 07:06 (UTC)

Ah, endlich darf ich mal Muttersprache reden :P
Unglücklicherweise wohn ich mitten in der Pampa (= Thüringen) und werd demnächst noch weiter südlich ziehen. Freut mich aber zu hören, dass ich nich der einzige Nerd in diesem Lande bin *g*
Danke für den commi :)

Di, 31. Jul 2007 08:43 (UTC)

Man, das is doch mal total zum Verrücktwerden! Man müsste meinen, dass es doch nen paar Fans in Berlin gibt, die auch aktiv auf LJ unterwegs sind, aber nein... *grummel*

Es gibt da draußen im Übrigen auch deutsche Comms, so zum Beispiel zuckerfederkiel. Nich, dass ich da viel unterwegs wäre - ich bin eher im englischen Fandom unterwegs - aber du bist sicherlich nich allein! ;)

Mi, 1. Aug 2007 01:40 (UTC)

This is really beautiful. I don't know how to tell you that it is so touching because Sirius DID sleep alone.... with his motorcycle magazines? Hrm. LIke the nakedness though. Sirius seems like the type of guy to sleep in the nude.