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Di, 14. Aug 2007, 20:23

*gasp* What a surprise:
New Art!

Title: Wizards and Muggles are equal...when it comes to gossip
Characters: Remus, Sirius, Kingsley and Molly(who rather looks like a pig, but that's another story v.v)
Rating: PG?
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Sa, 28. Jul 2007, 17:27
seriously Art

Hey Ho,
Long time no see. To make it short: I come with new art :)
This is for my dear friend kashmir_page, who suggested Sirius sleeping alone in his bed in Grimmauld Place Nr.12. Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you like it :D

Title: Distraction
Rating: R for almost nakedness

Just one more thing: Can anyone tell me where I can find all of Sirius tatoos?

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Di, 26. Jun 2007, 15:08

How can this happen? My second entry in two weeks??
*shrugs* However

My anticipation for the new HP movie somehow made me creative. So, here is some art for you :)

Title: Who ever said, that killing doxies together isn't romantic?
Rating: G
Pairing: Remus/Sirius

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Mo, 18. Jun 2007, 18:24
Kubi's not dead


Live is a bitch sometimes. But we all know this. To me RL was very mean the last months, so I hardly was in the mood of drawing something.
Now I slowly get back to normal live...
Nevertheless I wanted to share a piece of art with you. It shows Sirius in dog-form and Remus, who is reading a very interesting book :)
My first picture in a long time. Phew!
Sirius was the worst, because I never could draw dogs well. Fortunately my dog was there to 'help' me. Because of his very...er...passive manner I was able to capture the right position and proportion of the body. Thank you Charlie *bowsdeep*

Have fun!

What dogs are good forCollapse )

So, 24. Sep 2006, 14:04

Ho Ho,
it seems to be tradition already, that my entries are sporadic. But I don´t want to spread hope
anymore by saying, that I try to update more often. My current situation simply will not allow
this (I spare you the details v.v, but there is one word which describes my mental state very good this time: lid-twitching).
I just hope I didn´t scare people of, who decided to watch my community and now have to wait for months till new updates.
Nevertheless I´m insistent, so you can be sure I will not completely forget to post at least once
in a while...

And before I forget, here a piece of art I manged to draw.

Object: Sirius/Remus
Rating: if thoughts would be visible, it would be a R. But there are just two men, who embrace.
Think about it and decide for yourself, if this is offensive or not.
Timeline: PoA, the sence in the shrieking shack
Medium: Watercolours
Notes: I thought of diffenrent titles while drawing this and I couldn´t decide which to choose...
#1 "...and embraced him like a...a...er...???"
#2 *whisper* "Sirius, not in front of the kids!"
#3 "I love Cuarón."
#4 "Gosh, you need a bath..."
and a few more :)
There are a few details in the picture, that I wish I could change, f.e. Sirius face and his
angle. But once I draw I can´t stop and then I "overlook" things, which are not exactly the way I
want them to be, because I´m in a rush. I still have to learn so much v.v

and embraced him like a...Collapse )

Mi, 19. Jul 2006, 17:08
post-Hogwarts fic

Hi there,
Long ago there was a fic, which I liked alot. But unfortunately it vanished in the depth of the internet. If there is anybody who knows which fic I mean, I would be very happy.
There are only some spare information, but maybe it is enough:

-timeline: post-Hogwarts
-more Remus-centric (if i remember right)
-Remus and Sirius live together in a flat
-it is really hot (by that I mean the weather) and Remus doesn´t like that
-Remus suffers from the permanent punishment of the Werfolg-Registry (or whatever this ministry is called :/) and is in a very dark mood
-anyway there is alot Drama/Angst and Darkness
-in the end the two are together in the bathroom. Sirius takes a bath or something, when Remus said: "Do you want me?" and Sirius answers "Yes"

I know this is not much. But I send a cookie with extra chocolate pieces for everyone, who is able to help me :)
Thank you

Mo, 12. Jun 2006, 21:48

Exams are over, Abitur is mine and You(!) are getting a bit of smutty from me. (sounds like a advertisement v.v; ) 

So it came to be, that I dared to go in the NSW-area and drawed a really smutty picture of Sirius and Remus. It wasn´t meant to be a NSW in the first place. But as I drawed the Sirius-nude I thought: "Hey, why not put another puppy beneath the first one...?!". 
I used a graphite-pen for both pictures, which is far better than a normal pen, because you´re able to create darker lines which doesn´t smear, while you draw the picture (a great relief for me v.v) 

Anyhow I decided to post my "sketch" for the S/R, too. So for all people who don´t like this slash thing and just want to see a nacked Sirius ;) the first picture is the right for you. To judge from his pose, he rather looks like a Pin-Up. But I tried to give him the body of a long-time prisoner, therefor he looks a bit unhealthy (which seems to be more realistic for me...). So here it comes. Just pure Sirius for your pleasure :)

And now for all S/R shippers: here comes my very first NSW!!
It´s not too graphic I think. There are not "special" parts, you can see, but they´re both pretty naked ;) The pose from Sirius is similar to the Sirius in the first pic, because I used this for the S/R pic. Remus looks a bit too you for me, almost coyish...But that´s just my point of view. 

Mo, 15. Mai 2006, 21:17


I´m in the middel of THE EXAMS and still coudln´t fight against my inner nature of ´doing random things when there are more important things to do´.
So I updated my Elfwood page and posted a picture of a wizard, which I draw for a dear family member as a x-mas present.

Here we go (link to my Elfwood page): Home sweet home

So, 23. Apr 2006, 15:00

To make it short:
Again I drew a new picture instead of learning for the exams...Hm, it´s bad, that I think this way, isn´t it?!
Anyway here is a little tribut to Sirius and Buckbeack.
Timeline: Between PoA and Gof
Theme: our two beloved refugees on a little (as the title says) vacation :) The surrounding should represent a tropical forest ( in brazil f.i.), but it came out...Well, it´s a forest anyway v_v; Sirius just comes from swimming a bit in this black substance, that should be a small pool in the middle of the forest. If this nature seems unrealistic to you: Sorry, it doesn´t matter to me >.<
This time of course also with many many mistakes and also a very embarrassing one, but I don´t want to point the finger on it...And no, nobody get´s a cookie for finding it...I´m babbling again
For all the people with a modem (like me): the picture is a little too big, so the time for loading may be longer (but not too much, I hope).
And befor anyone (again) blames me for it: I know my english is not the best, but I always try to take care for the grammar as best as my little knowledge and my english dictionary allow it. So...be a little more gentle with me about that. Thank you.

But now finally to the picture :) 

Mi, 12. Apr 2006, 23:28
Back again!

Finally I´m back again, after 3 (!!) months. Although I don´t think anyone missed me, I feel sorry for the lack of posts...
Unfortunately the school situation didn´t get better (exams are in 2 weeks,YEAH! u_u).
Funnily the most important it becomes to learn, the most easyest it becomes to do other things, f.e. finally posting something in my journal (against the bad conscience...).
So here I am with a new Harry Potter picture.
It´s Sirius/Remus, although very vague (in my mind this pair is absolutely canon, so for me it´s clear, that they´re together). But this time I wanted to try out a new subjet, which in this case is about Sirius and his ehmm...Firewhiskey problem in book 5.

O.k. now for all people, who want to know it, there are some backgroundinformation about the picture (which has also something to do with my privat life).
For all other people, who are not interested: Just skip to the picture NOW and don´t read any further.

good old friendCollapse )

Again I have to apologize because of my bad english grammar. Usually I would read the text over and over again to find any mistakes. But this time I was in a hurry and very very tired (see the time of posting).
I changed the grammar a bit but can´t promise it´s perfect now.
Gomen nasai!

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